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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Loans 

What are the requirements to apply for car loans in Perth?

There are several areas of criteria required to apply for a loan. For example, you usually need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a current Drivers Licence
  • Meet certain requirements which includes receiving consistent income from regular employment
  • Receive income which must support the amount you want to borrow. Your loan will not be approved if you request an amount higher than your ability to repay.
  • Have an Eligible Credit Score
    What is the first step to apply for auto loan?
    Come and visit us, our office is conveniently located just across the road from IKEA in Osborne Park. You can also call or send us your query. We can show you how easy it is to apply for a loan to get what you want today. You can apply online, call us on +61 8 6424 8195 or call in for a cuppa.
    Is insurance necessary for my car?
    It is always worth considering insurance to give you extra cover. If your loan requires your vehicle be used as security the lender will request Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance, listing them as the interested party, on your vehicle for the life of the loan.

    Debt Consolidation 

    What is debt consolidation?
    Debt consolidation is the refinance of multiple facilities such as personal loans, credit cards and/or store cards, student debt and other loans in to one personal loan.
    Can I save more money with debt consolidation loan?
    Putting them all together and only having one payment can save you a lot of money on interest. Aside from that, you also save time from having to process multiple debt payments every month.
    How much can I borrow for debt consolidation loans in Perth?
    We have access to debt consolidation loans that start from $5,000 to over $50,000 depending on your personal circumstances.

    Personal Loans 

    What are personal loans for?

    Whether you need money to fund your education, live in your dream home, or fulfill your travel goals, you should get help from a reliable lender. A Personal Loan is a great way to get on top of your finances by using it for essential purchases, emergency expenses, debt consolidation, and much more such as:

    • Car
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Education
    • Home Improvements
    • Household Items
    • Medical and Dental
    • Mortgage Cost Funding
    • Sporting Equipment
    • Travel
      Do you offer quick personal loans?
      Yes, we offer quick personal loans. If you have all the information required up front we can apply in the morning and have the money approved for you the same day. 
      Do you have fixed rate loan options?
      All of the personal loan facilities we have to offer you have fixed rates so you always know what your payment will be and can work out your personal budget for the life of the loan.

      Leisure Loans 

      Are leisure loans only for holiday trips?

      No, the loans we offer can be used for much more. Leisure Loans can fund wonderful additions to your lifestyle such as:

      • Caravans
      • Jet Skis
      • Boats
      • Motor Bikes
      • Horse Floats
      • Recreational Vehicles
      • Camper Vans
      • Motor Homes
      • Quad Bikes
        How much are your leisure loan rates?
        We have access to some the most competitive rates on the market with facilities and lending partners who have won substantial awards for their products. Rates are based on your personal circumstances. Contact us today to find out more.
        Can I apply for leisure loans even if I have bad credit?
        Not all leisure loans are available if your bad credit is current but we can check this on your behalf and let you know what options are available.

        Business Loans 

        Are there restrictions to getting business loans in Perth?

        We have many business loan facilities to offer from our vast panel of lenders. Each lender has their own requirements for a business loan to be approved. Our friendly experts are on hand to guide you through this process.

        Can I apply for business loans in Perth even after bankruptcy?
        Yes. Depending on the circumstances, and what type of loan you want, you can get a business loan after bankruptcy. Contact us to find out how.

        Home Loans 

        What are the steps involved in applying for home loans in Perth?
        You can visit us – our office is conveniently located just across the road from IKEA in Osborne Park. You can also call or send us your query. We can show you how easy it is to apply for a loan to get your dream home today. You can apply online, call us on +61 8 6424 8195 or call in for a cuppa.
        Can you help me with first home owners' loan?
        Absolutely, not only are we construction specialists but we are also experts in navigating the tricky paperwork to obtain the First Home Owners Grant.

        Other Services 

        What other services do you offer? Accounting
        Our approach is to partner with you while taking complete responsibility for your tax and accounting requirements so you can remain focused on growing your business and improving your financial position. We do the leg-work so you don’t have to. Ultimately, our goal is to improve your business and your personal circumstances by taking an informed, practical and personal approach to your tax and accounting needs. We can also provide additional services including information relating to self managed super funds, business structures and cashflows.
        Financial Planning
        Nu-Age Financial provide a full range of financial planning, taxation, and legal services to all of our clients. We enjoy a huge reservoir of technical expertise and practical experience dealing with a wide range of areas. These include investments, risk insurance, superannuation – including self-managed superannuation, estate planning, retirement and aged care planning, business advice and inter-generational financial planning.

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