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Asset Finance

Here at Nu-Age Loans we specialise in asset finance in Perth for all kinds of assets and equipment – including Cars, Coffee Machines, High-Performance Vehicles, Farm Machinery and Agriculture Equipment, Imported Vehicles, Grey Imports, and Vehicles listed on WOVR (Written Off Vehicles Register), just to name a few. Our great financing options can cover all of these types of assets, and more!

Choose a professional asset finance broker like Nu-Age Loans, and you can fund almost any asset or equipment you need. This is especially important and vital for businesses that want to obtain and secure the equipment they require for their business to grow and be a success. To that end, Nu-Age Loan’s Asset Finance Perth options provide the perfect solution for small business owners in particular – especially when you need to purchase expensive, large or costly equipment, without having to purchase or pay for it upfront or outright.

Importantly, instead of buying and paying for the equipment straight away, businesses can use our great financing options to cover the purchase and use of the asset or equipment you need. In general, an Asset finance contract will then usually involve regular, recurring repayments for the purchased asset over an agreed time period or loan term.

There are three main types of asset finance available on the market. These are most commonly known as ‘Consumer Loan” or “Chattel Mortgage” or “Lease”. Consumer Loan is for non-business use, Chattel Mortgage is a business use facility.

Whatever your goals, and regardless of the type of asset you need financing for, we can help. Here at Nu-Age Loans, we are proud to deliver fast, efficient and hassle-free service, making the whole asset financing process easy and seamless for you. Our friendly knowledgeable financing professionals are on hand for you. Standing by to provide you with expert assistance to help you secure the great, reliable asset finance you need – specifically tailored to suit your individual financial requirements.

Asset Finance Broker

As an expert asset finance broker here at Nu-Age Loans our friendly, efficient and professional staff will guide you through the asset financing process, making it easy, hassle-free and seamless for you. No headaches here! We remove all the confusion and help you make sense of the asset financing process from start to finish.

Offering expert assistance, we are quick and efficient to save you time! No need to trawl through complicated documents and application forms – we do the work for you, taking away the stress and confusion, and making it as simple as possible for you to secure the asset finance you require. Our friendly, professional staff will guide you through, taking you through each step of the way and making sure you understand exactly what the asset financing process involves.

Just as importantly, here at Nu-Age Loans, we have a panel of over 30 reliable lenders, making it easy for you choose the right one for your situation. Because our lenders are reliable, you don’t need to stress – we’ll take care of everything for you. We are specialists in all areas – from consumer personal loans to complicated SME. We can do it all!

Asset Finance calculator

Here at Nu-Age Loans, we make the whole asset financing process as easy, efficient and seamless as possible for you – by providing you with hassle-free, consistent and professional assistance to help guide, secure and service any and all of your asset financing needs.

We also offer a handy Asset finance calculator* to help you determine and understand what the process will involve. Our Asset finance calculator will help you calculate the asset finance loan amount you’d like to submit an application for, the loan term period you could be eligible for, and the repayment instalments amount that would be involved.
Use our asset finance calculator today to see if our options are right for you!

*Please Note: The information provided by the calculator is intended to provide illustrative examples based on stated assumptions and your inputs. Calculations are meant as estimates only and it is advised that you consult with a mortgage broker about your specific circumstances. Financial Calculators © VisionAbacus Pty Ltd 2021

We look forward to helping you secure your asset financing. Contact us today!

Asset Finance Online

Use our online services to your advantage!

In this digital age, the age of online, we have all the facilities you need to arrange everything for your asset financing requirements virtually – without you even having to step foot into our office! Our streamlined, digitalised process offers time efficient, hassle-free, COVID19 friendly online service to meet your needs.

Importantly, our ability to service your needs digitally, saves you the time and hassle you may ordinarily experience if you didn’t have easy access to our readily available, streamlined online services – right at your fingertips!

With Nu-Age Loan’s Asset Finance Online, you can easily access our online services, professional guidance and expert assistance at a time that suits you, from wherever you may be. Our digital team is standing by to help you secure the asset financing you need –
Contact us online today!

Asset Finance Perth

Here at Nu-Age Loans, we not only offer asset finance in Perth, but we are also friendly Perth locals who know the area, and know what Perth People want.

We also have a strong knowledge of all industries within Western Australia, including the mining industry. As Perth locals, we know that the mining industry plays a big part in our economy – in fact, it accounts for 94% of Western Australia’s total income! So, if you run a mining adjacent or mining support business, Nu-Age Loans can help! Or any other business you may need asset financing for, for that matter.

Choose Nu-Age Loans,and contact us today!

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What Assets can I Finance

A loan or a line of credit using assets in a business can be secured many different ways. Examples include but are not limited to:
– Business Equipment
– Agriculture or Farming Machines
– Inventory
– Cash Flow
– Cars and / or commercial vehicles
– Trucks
– Invoice Funding
– Mining Machinery
– Fork Lifts
– Skid Steers
– Loaders and Dumpers
– Excavator
– Boom and Scissor Lifts
– Mobile Cranes
– Drilling, screening and Crushing Equipment
– Trailers
– Bulldozers

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