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Affordable Car Loans in Perth 

Are you shopping for a car? First time car buyers often get bombarded with so many choices as to which car they are going to pick. Meanwhile, car owners who have unreliable vehicles find it hard to choose ones that will stay with them for the long haul. Whether you are getting your first car or replacing your old one, you might need a car loan to do so.  

With so many different car loan facilities in the market, choosing which loan is right for you can be confusing. To guarantee that you are going with the best option, make sure to choose a loan facility that has a dedicated vehicle and asset finance option, like the ones from Nu-Age Loans.  

Here at Nu-Age Loans, we offer car loans Perth that suit your needs and budget. Walso understand how important it is that you get the best value for your hard-earned money. Our approach in loan and financial profiling is holistic, which means that from the moment you consult with us to the day you get the keys to your new car, you get a dedicated service that is unique and personalised. Here’s how we work: 

Make Managing Paperwork Easier 

At Nu-Age, we take the hassle out of obtaining car finance and dealing with boring paperwork so you can concentrate on the more fun and exciting task of choosing your new ride. We know how intimidating complicated paperwork can get. The sight of it might even deter you from getting a car altogether. 

With us by your side, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the paperwork is well taken care of. You do have to take a part and perform your due diligence, though. We only ask that you read through them and understand all the implications before signing the dotted line. Don’t worry, our friendly professional team are on hand to answer any questions and explain the legal jargon. 

Get Professional Advice When You Need It

We also have help on hand if you want us to assist you with choosing the right vehicle! We know how confusing the vehicle-choosing process can get. This is why we want to help you stay focused on your short- and long-term needs and create a viable solution with our car loans Perth.  

Our years in the business have helped us build strong connections within the industry. We are connected with professionals who can help identify the perfect vehicle for you. Nu-Age Vehicle & Asset Finance have a great team who has been trained to understand your needs and offer solutions within your budget. We listen to what you want and do everything we can to accommodate your specific requests. 

Choose a Payment Option That Suits You 

We believe that smart financial options will give our clients more freedom to not only pick the car that they want, but to also live the life they desire. Thus, we make it a point to design payment options and terms that are suitable to your current financial status. 

With this in mind, we offer various options for you. From affordable car loans to higher loans that will allow you to choose the vehicle of your dreams in no time.  

Pick a repayment frequency and term that suits you – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments over a term of 1 to 7 years and stay in control with a fixed interest rate. You will always know what your payments are, even if interest rates go up or down. You can even pay extra payments on most facilities and save money in the long run. Borrowing starts from $4,000 and there is no maximum amount.  

Leave the Hassle of Negotiating with the Experts 

If you are still looking for the car of your dreams, we can assist by sorting your borrowing power before you make a commitment. Loaning money is generally a commitment that you are going to stick with for a few years, which is why it is important to assess your borrowing power first before diving deep into it. 

We can even remove the hassle of negotiating with car salesmen and help you look for your perfect new ride. This essential part of the process is often overlooked by so many first-time buyers and, unfortunately, not a lot of loan providers or loaning facilities do this as well. Grabbing the chance at purchasing for less will truly help lessen the burden on you in the long run.  

Apply with Nu-Age Loans Today 

Avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road or running out of fumes at the wrong moments. You deserve a vehicle that will not let you down and we want to help you get there. Grab the chance to have the car that you want with car loans Perth 

Our financial consultants will be there to assist you throughout the process from the vehicle searching and loan processing to negotiating and documenting. Get in touch with Nu-Age Loans today. 

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