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Home Loans

We offer many home loan options including:
Fixed-Rate, Owner Occupied, Principal and Interest

Planning to purchase your new home? Buying a home may sound easy, but from choosing your new dwelling to dealing with the home loan process, it can get very complicated and confusing. Make sure to work with lending firms that can grant you good home loans, like Nu-Age Loans.

We work with people like you who are seeking assistance with budgeting, saving, and managing your finances in your home-buying journey. We offer our professional service to make the process hassle-free for our valued clients. Allow us to show you the difference in renting versus buying, and assist you in being better prepared.

Flexible Home Loans in Perth – Find the Right Home Loan Option with Nu-Age Loan.

Looking for your next home, or an investment property? Contact Nu-Age Loans and let us show you how easy it can be. Have a current mortgage and want to increase your loan for improvements, a holiday, or any other number of reasons? We’ve got your back when it comes to that, too.

Our fact-finding process will give you options and you can choose whether to re-finance or even switch. For home loans in Perth that put client interests first, work with Nu-Age loans today. Share your goals with us, and we will help connect you with lenders that can make them happen. We value transparency in our operations which is why we want you to have as much information that you will need before proceeding with your selected option.

First Home Loans in Perth – Tips for First Home Buyers

Set a Realistic Budget

Loans are responsibilities that you have to commit to! Make sure that you understand exactly what you are signing up for. Learn to read the budget and crunch the numbers with the help of our professional team.

Nu-Age Loans has loan calculator Perth that can help you work out a realistic budget so you can take control of your finances. If you prefer calculations done by a representative, then we are also open to doing that for you. Simply visit our website and fill out the enquiry form – we will be in touch!

Get Professional Assistance

There are many ways to go about purchasing an actual house. Whether you plan to buy an existing home or build your own, we will be with you every step of the way. We are well connected with contractors who can help you build, design, or decorate your new home. Our team of Construction Specialists can guide First Home Buyers through key steps for building your new home. We will give you step by step assistance and be right by your side throughout the process.

Learn about the costs of homeownership and what you are eligible for, including The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG). Getting an approval relies on these factors, and our assistance has been proven successful time and time again. If you do not know about FHOG and would be interested to know more about it, feel free to contact us. We can show you more saving opportunities through funding options like FHOG and more.

Home Loan FAQ

How do Home Loans work in Australia?

A home loan, or mortgage, is a loan used to finance the purchase of your home (or investment property), rather than purchasing the property outright. Typically speaking, the lender will advance a loan to an eligible homebuyer over a 25 – 30 year loan repayment term, and the borrower then repays the loan with interest on the principal (the amount borrowed to purchase the property).

For a home buyer to be considered eligible for a home loan, credit score is taken into account, and the buyer is also required to place a deposit of 5% – 20% of the home value to secure the purchase of the property. The key steps involved when looking to buy your home include:

  1. Determining your budget – based on your income and expenses
  2. Finding out how much you can borrow – use our on-site home loan calculator
  3. Get to know the market – research what deals are available
  4. Get approval for your Loan – apply quickly and easily with Nu-Age Loans
  5. Find your home and Make an offer – private sale offer, or bidding at auction
  6. Loan Processing, Underwriting and Settlement.

What Kind of Home Loans are Available?

Nu-Age Loans have several home loan options that you can choose from. These include fixed rate loan, owner-occupied arrangements, principal and interest loans, and many others. We look through your information, discuss your current financial status, and consider your personal preferences before we recommend options to you.

Fixed Rate Loan

With Fixed rate Loans, the interest rate will stay the same for the life of your loan. That means that your repayments will be the same over the entire loan term, regardless of whether market interest rates change. This makes it that much easier to manage your budget – as you will always know what to expect with predictable, regular loan repayments.

Principal and Interest Loans

Principal and Interest Loans allow you to repay a part of the amount borrowed (the principal), as well as paying interest on the remainder. This means you could pay less interest over the life of your loan with Nu-Age Loans, as the principal balance (and the interest you are paying on it), is reduced by each loan repayment.

Owner-Occupier Loan

Owner-Occupier home financing is perhaps one of the most common types of home loan that many people choose in Australia, as whether you are a first home buyer or a refinancer, you can use this kind of home loan to finance your home purchase. In this kind of financing arrangement, the borrowers will be living in the property that they secured a loan for.

One of the other reasons so many people go for this type of home loan, is that is has a lower interest rates on average, when compared to other loan types. Lower interest rates are on the table since the property to be purchased will likely be your main residence, which usually means higher chances of you hanging on to the deal for the long haul.

Can I get a Home Loan if I’m Self Employed?

In short – yes! Self-employed home buyers can certainly apply for a home loan, and are held to the same credit, down payment and income requirements as other home buyers. The only difference and more challenging factor can be documenting your income, as – unlike traditionally-employed home loan applicants – you may be required to provide more paperwork demonstrating your cash flow. Also, usually at least two years of stable self-employment is required before you can apply.

Can Afterpay Affect Home Loans?

As long as you have been making timely, regular repayments, using Afterpay and other ‘buy now, pay later’ services should not affect your ability to get approved for a home loan, as your Credit score is only affected if you have made late payments, or if you are reported as being in debt.

How do I switch Home Loans?

Also known as Refinancing, switching home loans involves replacing your existing home loan with a new mortgage with another lender. Contact one of our friendly experienced consultants to discuss how easy it is to switch today!

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What would you like to know more about our services?

Please browse our FAQ’s and if you have any more questions please contact us on

+61 8 6424 8195

How much is the first home owners grant?

We have home loan specialists who can explain the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme as well as the First Home Owners Grant for you. Contact us now to find out.

How much deposit do I need for a home loan?

We have lenders who offer low deposit facilities – contact us today and find out if you qualify.

Whick bank is best?

Each bank is different – they all have their own way of assessing and processing loan applications. They also have a multitude of facilities to wade through. There are terms and fee structures to consider, all of this and so much more can affect your repayment. We can cut through the confusion and provide simple options for you to choose from.

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